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CUBIC PRINTING is a decoration technology that uses a specialised film printed with a range of natural and abstract patterns to decorate complex shaped plastics, metals and other materials.
The specialised film is floated on the water's surface and transfer of the pattern is effected by the pressure of the water. With this method ...


CUBIC PRINTING, the technology bringing color to products world-wide. Diverse expressions are shown, as if breathing life into inanimated materials. CUBIC PRINTING creates fresh, new designs and is the unique multi-colored 3D printing technology without regard to shapes or substrate material.

The CUBIC PRINTING technology can decorate plastic, metals and ceramic,audio-video products to automotive interiors, expressing high-quality woods and sharply defined lined-patterns.

Our technology started with automotive, cellular phones, household appliances and has expanded into interior decoration, proving its flexibility and growth. By granting the CUBIC PRINTING license to various companies throughout the world, the CUBIC PRINTING NETWORK was created and an even more sophistocated,stable process has continued to this day.

PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDING FACILITY: ARION also has its own PLASTIC MOULDING FACILITY specializing in Automotive trims to provide its customers a one stop shop for Plastic Injection Moulding and specialized finishes.

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